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NBPA Rules and Regulations

The NBPA implements a set of rules and regulations, or policy controls, in order to operate efficiently and safely to meet the needs of its users. The NBPA also abides by external policies and/or regulations and coordinates with local, state and/or federal agencies as well as community organizations in order to implement projects and/or run its operations.

Please note as part of the operation of NBPA’s piers and wharves, the NBPA staff officials work to reduce the number of abandoned or derelict vessels scattered throughout the harbor. These vessels, which are left unattended for extended periods of time, sometimes years, occupy scarce berthing space that could otherwise be used by active vessels. Additionally, there are concerns surrounding the safety of these neglected vessels, which have been reported to break free and damage adjacent property during periods of high winds and other severe weather conditions. If a vessel(s) is in violation of NBPA laws, rules and/or regulations, even if fee payments are up to date, it is protocol to no longer allow the vessel(s) to berth at NBPA facilities, as directed by the NBPA Rules and Regulations. The NBPA reserves the right to send a ‘No Trespass’ or a notice to remove the vessel and/or pursue the owner with criminal charges.

Docking Permits

No vessel is allowed to dock at a pier or wharf under NBPA control without first obtaining a Docking Application. Only active commercial fishing vessels that are seaworthy and possess adequate insurance are eligible to obtain docking permits. Docking permits only allow the permit holder to tie up at a pier under NBPA administration. Tie up space is not necessarily alongside the cap log (for example, the vessel may be second or third boat abreast). The permit does not convey any rights to the vessel or permit holder to park vehicles or store other equipment inside the cap log area. The NBPA reserves the right to designate particular docking locations for vessels. Application requirements and fees for Docking Permits are described below.

Dockage rates are established by the Commissioners.

2019: $65 per linear foot

2020: $75 per linear foot

2021: $85 per linear foot

Unloading Fees

Transient Fees for Berthing:

  • Dockage – all sizes – $200.00/day with annual cap of $65.00 per foot per calendar year for 2019
  • Dockage – all sizes – $200.00/day with annual cap of $75.00 per foot per calendar year for 2020
  • Dockage – all sizes – $200.00/day with annual cap of $85.00 per foot per calendar year for 2021

Off-loading Fees:

  • Off-loading fees apply to fishing vessels that do not dock at NBPA managed piers or wharves but off-load product over NBPA infrastructure.
  • The off-loading rate is $1,500.00 per calendar year

User Permits

Private contractors who conduct business on city piers under NBPA administration must obtain a User Permit (a User Compliance Assurance Form) . Examples of contractors include welders, electricians, crane operators, and supply/delivery companies. Additional permits are required for any additional mobile units. Fees for User Permits are described below.

User (Daily) – $50.00

User (Annual) – $300.00

User (Additional Annual Mobile, Welding, Painting Rafts) – $75.00

Operational rules, including permit conditions and rates/fees are set by the NBPA Commissioners. The NBPA assesses user charges for private contractors and dockage as well as sets unloading fees for vessels that use its facilities or public infrastructure. The revenues are used to operate and maintain properties. Enforcement and billing are handled by the NBPA Marine Superintendents and Harbormaster officials. The Financial Manager tracks and issues payments.

Parking Program on NBPA Piers & Wharves

The Parking Program on NBPA Piers and Wharves is overseen by Marine Superintendents. All Vessel Owners and fishermen must obtain a parking permit from NBPA personnel. All other users are charged parking fees as voted by the Commission. Violators of NBPA parking rules are fined $50 and can be towed.
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