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The Port of New Bedford generates $9.8 billion in economic value each year

The Port is a thriving industrial working waterfront, home to state of the art infrastructure, commercial properties, and hundreds of shoreside services that fully support marine industrial businesses

The Port of New Bedford is a global seafood hub

America’s most valuable commercial fishing port since 2000, the Port of New Bedford harvests, offloads, processes, and distributes hundreds of millions of pounds of seafood each year

The Port of New Bedford is the center of the region’s blue economy

The Port of New Bedford founded the New Bedford Ocean Cluster, a network of maritime businesses, scientists, and technology entrepreneurs working to innovate and advance the blue economy locally and globally

The Port of New Bedford is a historic and cultural tourist destination

Thousands of recreational boaters and tourists visit Pope’s Island Marina and New Bedford each year to see its historic working waterfront and maritime culture up close

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