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The New Bedford Port Authority recently awarded a $27.9 million construction contract for the North Terminal Expansion project in the Port of New Bedford.

D.W. White Construction of Acushnet won the contract. The North Terminal Expansion is a transformative port infrastructure project that will spur long-term economic development by meeting the infrastructure needs of commercial fishermen, the offshore wind industry, and other port users, to ensure economic growth and increased efficiency.

The project is a culmination of federal, state, and private investment to build a north/south bulkhead at the North Terminal in New Bedford’s upper harbor. The project is designed to spur significant investment in the Port of New Bedford in the years to come.

Led by the New Bedford Port Authority, the project will create a safer and more efficient connection between the New Bedford Harbor and the surface transportation system.

More specifically, the project will:

  • Extend the North Terminal Bulkhead in the upper harbor;
  • Backfill the new bulkhead with approximately 97,000 cubic yards of clean, suitable material sourced from CAD Cell 4. Approximately 150,000 square feet of upland terminal space will be created across the area backfilled landward of the bulkhead;
  • Complete the new, designed and permitted CAD cell with 480,000 cubic yards capacity to receive contaminated dredge material within New Bedford Harbor;
  • Increase infrastructure to support the offshore wind industry and provide much-needed berthing space for commercial fishing vessels.

This project will result in significant long-term economic development, including:

  • 898 new and permanent jobs;
  • an additional $65.1 million in additional wages and local consumption;
  • an additional $11.5 million in state and local tax revenue.

“This project represents a major step in our effort to modernize the Port of New Bedford.  It will enhance the long-term competitiveness of our maritime industries and help create quality jobs for our residents,” Mayor Jon Mitchell said. “I am grateful for the skill and determination of the Port Authority’s team in overcoming legal, financial and engineering obstacles, along with the support of Senator Markey and the Baker Administration, that have enabled the project to proceed.  We look forward to working with D.W. White, a leading contractor in Greater New Bedford with a long history of responsible corporate citizenship.”

This project is one of the most significant harbor development projects in the history of the port.  The Port of New Bedford is poised to continually modernize the port’s docking facilities and update its infrastructure, ensuring that New Bedford remains the #1 commercial fishing port in the country.

— March 22, 2022

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